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About Us

MCL provides Mobility Solutions for the enterprise. We enable companies to build, integrate and deploy mobile and voice applications faster and with better results, effectively driving ROI in days not months.
With our MCL-Collection, a globally leading software offering, we provide a modular architecture to create end-to-end data capture solutions that integrate mobile computing, wireless infrastructures, and data capture technologies like barcode scanning, touch screens, radio frequency identification, and voice recognition.

We are continually exploring new ideas and innovating new technologies to help organizations create data capture solutions that address their specific business problems.
Our business model is a clearly defined one. We are a software company. We have no direct sales.
We greatly value our business relationships with the various solution integrators, which is expressed by the longterm partnerships we have with many of them.


We believe that our people are our most important asset. MCL Technologies is led by a team of industry visionaries and seasoned executives, is backed by strong investors, and consists of an ambitious, highly energetic and enthousiastic group of individuals from all over the world.
With coverage in Europe and the United States of America we can help your organizations to implement you Next Generation Voice Solution.

Extensive experience

MCL-Technologies is not just a tech-start-up company. We are providng products and services for many years to a variaty of customers. Since it's inception in 1992 we have done remarkable implementations, many of those customers are still using MCL and have upgraded their installations to the latest versions offering them the best possible returns. Timeline:


MCL and MCL-Next Generation Voice customers come from many different industries and business environments. Their one commonality is a need for a Voice System offereing them the flexibility and future readiness to do more with less, innovate faster and improve the agility of their organization. Take a look at some of our customer success stories and learn more. - See more

MCL-Technologies is in close contact with the end-users using MCL-Voice and with the Partner Community who implemented the total solution at those customers.
This rich contact allows us to constantly evolve the product portfolio and to incorporate the latest technological features and functional benefits.

MCL-Voice, your Next Generation Voice Solution   


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