Advantages of Voice

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    Increase Productivity

Typically between 10% to 25% productivity gain in comparison with paper based solutions.

    Improve Accuracy

Typically accuracy levels of 99.9% are achievable resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

    Achieve Employee Satisfaction

Your Next Generation Voice Operator can become proficient and achieve the desired productivity and
accuracy rates in less than a day vs weeks.

Voice Advantages

Voice technology has proven its value in warehousing environments, where it has become the new standard for order picking.

Your Next Generation Voice oriented picking, receiving, replenishment and other (warehouse) voice applications deliver significant improvements in productivity, accuracy and efficiency compared to manual, often paper based, processes and other technologies.

Rather than communicating visually via paper or computer monitors, your Voice Oprators are responsive to voice instructions delivered to them through headphones and a microphone. Your Voice Operators knows exactly what they need to pick.

By freeing the operator's hands to handle the requested items, your Next Generation Voice Solution ensures an ergonomic and efficient picking, sorting or counting process. Your Voice Operators can now focus entirely on retrieving the required items and goods.
You can eliminate the manual keying of data and combine this with optimized scanning of long digits stock locations or batch or lot. numbers printed in barcode format on the product items.

Productivity Gain

Specifically in Voice Only operations, your Next Generation Voice Operators are working totally hands-free with their eyes focused on their task. There is no time wasted when picking up and putting down scanners or turning one's head to read information from paper. Typically you can expect between 10% to 25% productivity gain when switching from paper based solutions.

Improved Accuracy

Not distracted by any other unnecessary activities and entirely focused on their voice instructions your Next Generation Voice Operators are more dedicated to their work process and will make less mistakes
Typically accuracy levels of 99.9% are achievable resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Reduce Administration costs and errors

With online data-integration, realized with MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution Integration options, back-end administration becomes an afterthought. No more errors or typo's caused by manual dataentries, no more labels or other paperwork.

Achieve Higher Operator Satisfaction levels

Your Next Generation Voice Operators can start working with the voice system without the need of lengthy or cumbersom/time consuming Speech Trainings. Once started your Voice Operators will simply receive and confirm orders using the most natural interface, voice, while keeping their hands and eyes free to handle products

Faster Return On Investments with Multi Modal Voice

Typically voice systems are bringing significant advantages in terms of Productivity Gain, Reduced Errors and increased Operator Satisfaction, so does MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution. Combine this with Multi-Modal capabilities, flexible integration capabilities and MCL-Mobility Platform with Voice system Management you will find us delivering an unbeatable ROI.

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