Key Features

What makes MCL-Voice a Next Generation Voice Solution   

Speaker independent solution

Start Picking immediately with any of your Warehouse Operators, Price-Checking with any of the Retail Shop-floor Clarks, Postal Sorting with any of your Postmen, or any other Voice application without the need of lengthy Voice-Operator training.
MCL-Voice Next Generation Voice Solution is a speaker independent voice system. As there is no lengthy voice system training required for each new worker this translates into instant productivity gain for your organization. In case your organization is employing foreign workers with strong accents you can decide to perform an adaptation or word transcription to improve voice recognition accuracy should it be required. You have the best of both worlds, untrained and optimized.

Phoneme-based recognition

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution is using a state-of-the-art, language-based technology to achieve high performance voice recognition and is offered in over 25 different languages. This technology also minimizes the impact of application vocabulary changes as it will recognize each of the words your Voice Operators are speaking.


Personalize a standard language model according to an individual speaker's characteristics. This unique Next Generation Voice Solution technique allows Voice Operators with strong accent and individual pronunciation characteristics to continue working with MCL's Voice System in a natural way.

Word Transcriptions

In unique occasions, a foreign worker is trying to speak the national langue of the country he is working in, MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution can be optimized and adapted to replace potential problematic words with speaker recordings. It offers the best of both worlds. Speaker Independent for the mass majority of the Voice Operators and the option to customize for certain (very low) percentage of Voice Operators.

Small to Large Vocabulary

Traditionally first generation proprietary voice solutions were only allowing a limited application vocabulary. Increasing the number of words in the vocabulary was offering a lower performance and, most importantly, triggering an even longer training process, as all these words requires training.
Within MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution you can create voice applications with unlimited vocabulary sizes. Thanks to MCL-Voice's language-based voice recognition technology any word spoken by the Voice Operator can be recognized and used in the application.

Continuous Speech Recognition

Keep talking in your natural way and enjoy MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution high speed speech recognition with no co-articulation issues. If you have to provide a 3 or 4 digit code, just mention these digits in a co-articulated (connected) way. Feel the difference yourself in saying onetwothree or one-pause-two-pauze-three.

High Quality Speech Synthesizer

Enjoy human-like voices with options for male and female voices, variable speed, variable volume, and multiple spelling rules. Offered in several languages, including different versions of English (british-english/american-english/australian-english), Dutch (flemish-dutch/dutch-dutch), French (belgium-french, france-french), and many others.

Industry Standard Equipment

Deploy Next Generation Voice Solutions on a device with the form factor that best suits your operations. Select from a series of Multi Modal Devices or Voice Dedicated, or eventually mix & match them.

Thick-client Server Architecture

Perform you Next Generation Voice Recognition and Speech Synthesis directly on the mobile computer - no server or network resources required. Work in areas without WiFi, like temporarily warehouses covering peak seasons. Based on what your back-end (WMS) can offer as integration methodes, you can decide to add more logic to the back-end or optimize your workflows directly on your mobile devices and simply report back what has been achieved. Your Next Generation Voice solution offers high level of flexibility in interfacing with back-end systems.

Multimodal Voice Solution

Combine your Next Generation Voice Solution with barcode scanning, keyboard, touch screen and RFID technologies for best fitting ergonomics and operational efficiency. MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution offers Multi Modal capabilities allowing your voice operators to use additional input methods next to voice easing the user application dialogue.
Multimodality seamlessly combines graphics, text and audio output with speech input, text, and touch input to deliver a dramatically enhanced end-user experiences.

Multi-application Support

Increase your ROI by running multiple applications on the same device you are running your Next Generation Voice Solution. With MCL's Mobility Platform you can easialy manage your device estate and the applications installed from a central web-based portal application.

Multi-User Support

Increase your ROI by sharing a pool of multi modal devices amongst users and work shifts. Use your devices in the moring in your pick-by-voice orderpciking process, and reuse the same equipment in the afternoon for your Proof-on-Delivery applications.

Multi-lingual Support

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solutions are available in more than 25 different languages. Please contact MCL Technologies should you want to validate if your language exists.

MCL-Technologies is in close contact with the end-users using MCL-Voice and with the Partner Community who implemented the total solution at those customers.
This rich contact allows us to constantly evolve the product portfolio and to incorporate the latest technological features and functional benefits.

MCL-Voice, your Next Generation Voice Solution   


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