Performance is a fundamental metric representing your Next Generation Voice System responsiveness and productivity. It is directly tied to voice operator satisfaction, and bad or fluctuating performance is usually a blocker for quick adoption of a voice recognition system. MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution doesn't stop once the solution is installed, we will help you identifying any potential voice recognition issue there might be.

MCL-Voice Anazyler lets you analyze voice recognition performance aspects of your Next Generation Voice Systems, from a powerful analyzing software solution.
The utility gives you unbiased information about a mobile worker's voice performance as it is capable of scanning and analyzing each voice operator logged voice performance data. It also allows you to check voice recognition quality per user, per word, over time. And, finally, it lets you track and correct potential voice issues by helping you identify weak words, word confusions and repetitions.

Through statistical analysis, MCL-Voice Analyzer gives you the data necessary to analyze, understand, and improve an individual's voice performance, all geared to optimize the productivity.

Voice Operator Generic Statistics

Each Next Generation Voice Solution user can start immediately working with the voice solution without the need of going through lengty voice system training. Usually voice operators are working in the language the Next Generation Voice Application has been created.

In occasional situations the voice system can be challenged on its voice recognition capabilities, e.g. when foreign workers are not speaking with their native language to the voice system (imagine: a native chinese worker speaking numeric digits in another language, for example, swedish...).
Some of the words used in the application pronounced by such foreign workers might need adaptations.
Your Next Generation Voice Solution allows for advanced voice recognition performance optimization features to overcome such kind of challenges.

To determine which voice operator potentially requires optimization, MCL-Voice Analyzer provides global statistics on each of the voice operators working with your Next Generation Voice Solution. With these global stats a voice application solution provider (System Integrator) or a site manager can easialy detect if any of the operators require additional attention and optimization.

An additional view presented by MCL-Voice Analyzer is the eveolution over time on how your voice operators are performing. This view supports you in understanding the impact of your changes, optimizations, and adaptations done to your voice system are resulting in the desired efficiency improvements.

Detailed Speech Logging

MCL-Voice Analyzer doesn't stop at global stats only, it can even provide additional extensive and detailed logging on several aspects of the solution. This includes Average Word Score (indicating the overall confidence level on voice recognition results), Percentage of Rejection (indicating how much results were rejected by the Next Generation Voice Solution's advance voice algorithms), and even Percentage of Repetion performed by each of your Voice Operators when going through the voice dialogue.
In addition MCL-voice Analyzer can provide you with pre-amptive insight into potential Word Confusion Rates for each of the words used in your Next Generation Voice Application (veal or real are very similar so are be or me). MCL-Voice Analyzer presents all this data in easy to comprehend graphs and schemes.

Next Generation Voice Solutions are providing, and not hiding, full insight into your voice system. This extra level of insight into your voice system performance can indicate your where to apply the the extra level of optimizations and adaptations to your voice system resulting in the highest possible efficiency improvements.

MCL-Enterprise Features and Benefits

   Integrated with MCL-Enterprise

Integrated with MCL-Enterprise

All the logs coming from your Voice Operators can be centrally stored in your MCL-Enterprise account. From this central location you can download the log-files into MCL-Voice Analyzer, simply and easialy. MCL-Voice Analyzer's powerfull analyzing algorithms will present these voice logs in easy to comprehend graphs and tables.

   Password Protected

Password Protected

MCL-Voice Analyzer requires a login and password, set by the site administrator or your voice system providor. It allows for controlled access by e.g. site managers only.

    Advanced Filter and Search Options

Advance Filter and search Options

Inside MCL-Voice Analyzer you can set several filters on each of the speech logs presenting a specific period (dates/days), selected voice operators, and or type of Events happened on your Next Generation Voice Devices (speech in/speech out/noise samples/repetition/etc.). It allows your voice solution provider or site manager to quickly zoom in on particulair cases.

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