- No Lengty Voice Training Required -

Start Picking immediately with any of your Warehouse Operators, Price-Checking with any of the Retail Shop-floor Clarks, Postal Sorting with any of your Postmens, or any other Voice application without the need of lengthy Voice-Operator training.

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution is a speaker independent voice system. This translates into instant productivity gain for your organization. For example, seasonal or transient workers can be put to work quickly to expand your organization's workforce during seasonal peaks -no lengthy voice system training is necessary before they can get started.

What are your organization's parameters regarding Flex-Workers?

The more your organization employes flex-workers the more you will benefit from significant savings and increased productivity by implementing MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution

Operating Modes

- Multiple Operating Modes -

Deploy a range of voice applications from voice-centric applications to multimodal applications combining voice, barcode scanner, touch screen, and keyboard data capture methods -all in the same application to applications who will assist your workers in executing (complex) tasks.
MCL-Voice Next Generation Voice Solution offers 3 different operating modes allowing voice to be used in a much wider spectrum of applications.

Not only will this offer a much better ROI on the entire implementation, your operations are not stopped from adapting to new requirements requested by customers or sometimes even imposed by law. Your Voice Solution will fit naturally with each of the new requirements

Voice Only

- Voice Only -

Voice Only is typically used in Voice Picking applications, without utilizing the handheld's integrated scanner, keyboard and screen. The entire Voice-Dialogue between the Operator and the voice application is only done by voice commands. In many cases the industry standard voice terminal is fixed to the operator$#39;s belt and they can work entirely hands-free. Typically a mobile computer without a display is used in 'Voice Only' environments. A picking process where no other data input is required can work perfectly in this Voice-Only mode.
In case your picking process requires input of lot or batch numbers, which are often printed in barcode format on the packaging, or if you would like to provide more intuitive feedback and information, like packaging and loading instructions, it is adviced to select a 'Multi Modal' operating mode as it is more applicable and allowing the operator to scan the lot-numbers and to see on the terminal's display an image providing guidance on how to package the picked goods

Multi Modal

- Multi Modal -

Multi Modal Voice allows Operators to combine Voice, Screen Information and Datacapture options, like RFID and Barcode, in the best way supporting their daily tasks such as reading packaging or loading instructions from an intuitive screen or scanning batch/lot numbers when picking pharmaceutical items. Next to this, Multi Modal terminal implementations take full benefit of the terminal's capabilities to work off-line, allowing you to continue your order-pick in off-line situations, e.g. in temporaraly warehouses, or to print immediately new labels to a mobile printer when preparing the shipment or when breaking down bulk stock into individual items.

Assisted Voice

- Assited Voice -

In Assisted Voice Operation mode the Operator is assisted by the voice system on each and every step of the tasks which are required to execute. Like in complex repair work activities where the voice system will guide the operator through a task list ensuring the repair will be executed according to the manufacturers pre-set repair plan or in healthcare environments where the voice system can assist nurses during patient treatment improving accuracy at the point of care, and or any other process list driven activities where accuracy is absolutely vital.

Reduce Application
Learning Time

- Reduce Application Learning Time -

Imagine you are talking to a 'black' (read:blue) box and you have no idea how the voice system will behave nor what you are expected to do or answer at each step of the process. Wouldn't it be much easier if you are guided by a screen indicating you what to do.

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solutions allows you to equip new voice oprators firstly with a voice terminal equipped with a screen taking them quickly and easially through the application. At each step of the process they can have a quick look at the screen and understand instantly what is expected of them.
Once the operator is more experinced they are equiped with a voice terminal without a screen.
This will bring your voice operators quicker to a point where they can entirely work independantly from a their supervisor which translates into huge savings and improved productivity

Re-use Implemented

- Re-Use Equipment -

Should your organization already have invested in mobile terminals for the logistic or warehouse department there is a big chance you can add voice functionalities and preserve these investments.

MCL-Voice Next Generation Voice Solutions allows you to re-use your equipment as there is support for a wide range of devices. Have a look at this section if your device is listed.

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