Combine Voice with other Technologies and take advantage

Cherry pick the best from all datacapture technologies and combine these with your Next Generation Voice Solution  

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution doesn't stop where traditional solutions do...

Traditional Voice Solutions are following traditional implementation methodologies. Your organization is somehow forced to entirely rethink the processes and reduce the identification methodes to Voice only.
Most probably this will lead to completely changed working processes. By doing so, your organization will certainly run into (daily) logistically oriented processes which will be complicated to be performed by voice controls only. Traditional Voice Solution Providers will need to make the trade-off on your behalf and offer comprimises in optimizing your logistics process

Visionairs are recognized by their capabilities to introduce future views and trends. However, you don't need to be a visionair to understand that sooner or later you will need to design new ways of operating your DC to support broader business goals and customer service requirements.

By choosing MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution you have the flexibility to adapt to these future needs and add other than Voice-only technologies to your logistic-mobile devices- applications.


MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution offers the ability to combine speech recognition with scanning at any point in your voice application where it makes sense.
For example, setting up a picking cart with multiple picking totes will most probably be faster by scanning the id numbers rather than voice.
In situations you have to offer higher customer service levels, e.g. you need to register lot/batch numbers, it is good to know your MCL Next Generation Voice Solution can adapt easialy as you can scan a lot or serial number within your initial voice-directed process.
Your Next Generation Voice Solution allows you to use the best identification technology at each step of the process while maintaining the best possible accuracy and offering the desired gains in user productivity.


RFID is a technology being introduced into more vertical markets. Recently a trend can be identified in the pharmaceutical sector where each unit requires to be uniquely serialized. It is also required to register the parent-child relationships of units into larger containers, cases, or cartons and even up to pallets.
By adding RFID technology to your Next Generation voice Solution your logistic process can be made compliant with new (industry) requirements.
Your Next Generation Voice Solution allows you to use the best identification technology at each step of the process while maintaining the best possible accuracy and offering the desired gains in user productivity.

Screen and Keyboard

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution is running on Industry Standard equipment and most of these standardized devices are equipped with a large and easy to operate touch-screen besides a physical keypad. Not only can touch screens offer your Voice Operators great help during the picking process, e.g. by showing loading instructions, it allows you to introduce voice also in other processes where traditional, propriatary voice devices without a screen cannot be used.
Simply referencing visually the number of order lines your voice operators needs to collect will allow them to get the right number of boxes from the start.

Future Proof

Voice Solutions are not just implemented for a few months only, though often you are selecting your voice software functionality and voice equipment on your today's requirements. Today an entirely voice-only solution might perfectly fit your needs. However, over the lifetime of your voice solution implementation your operations might have to adapt to new requirements requested by (new) customers or sometimes even imposed by law.
Your Next Generation Voice Solution will fit naturally with each of the new requirements offering a much better ROI on the entire implementation, your operations are not stopped from adapting.

By adding Multi Modal functionality on Multi Modal capable devices you are future proofing your investments.

Re-Use your Equipment

Should your organization already have invested in mobile terminals for the logistic or warehouse department there is a big chance you can add voice functionalities and preserve these investments. MCL-Voice Next Generation Voice Solutions allows you to re-use your equipment as there is support for a wide range of devices.
Use your devices in the morning for your order process and have your Proof of Delivery workers use the equipment in the afternoon, flexible, easy and effective.

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