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Create, integrate, and deploy Next Generation Voice Solutions quickly and easily for any purpose, in any industry - warehousing and distribution, retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, government, healthcare, field service, and more.

MCL-Collection is an intuitive, high-productivity development, deployment, and management environment. Based on a modular, thick-client architecture, MCL-Collection has a set of fully integrated core components. These are the fundamental building blocks of any MCL deployment, and can be mixed-and-matched to fit your needs. With these components, you can create and deploy your Next Generation Voice Solutions, with host integration, for any supported Industry Standard Voice suitable equipment.

Based on industry standards, MCL Next Generation Voice Solution is cross-manufacturer, offers cross-platform compatibility, and is completely integrated for seamless integration from mobile computer to host application to in-operations management.

  • Voice Application Development

    MCL-Designer is an integrated Development Environment to create Robust, Professional and state of art Next Generation Voice Solutions.

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  • Optimized Data Communication

    MCL-Net is the communications server that manages your Next Generation Voice Application wireless communications for concurrent users in WiFi and WWAN (GPRS/UMTS) deployments.

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  • Exchange with SAP®

    MCL-Bridge for SAP is a high-productivity, fully integrated software solution allowing you to bring SAP to the shopfloor and implement Next Generation Voice Solutions fully compliant with SAP.

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  • Connect with WebServices

    MCL-Bridge for WebServices allows your Next Generation Voice Solution to seamlessly interface with Web Services offered by your host system. It is a quick, easy and very stable solution offering a future proof implementation of your voice system.

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  • Synchronize with DataBases

    Many ERP/WMS solutions are based on DataBase Systems. MCL-Bridge for DataBases integrates your Next Generation Voice Solution with the host Database-Application(s), regardless of their size.

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  • Customized Interfaces

    Whether for a BackOffice application, a WMS, or ERP, MCL-Custom Bridge offers custom build interfaces between the host application and your Next Generation Voice Solution.

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  • Cloud Based
    Voice System Management

    MCL-Enterprise provides an integrated Next Generation Voice Application Management and Device Monitoring platform built on top of Amazon's elastic cloud for maximum scalability and security.

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  • Voice Analyzer

    Performance is a fundamental metric representing your Next Generation Voice System responsiveness and productivity.
    MCL-Voice Analyzer is the utility that gives you unbiased information about a mobile worker's voice performance.

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