Reduce your Application Learning time

Reduce Application Learning Time

Imagine you are talking to a 'black' (read:blue) box and you have no idea how the voice system will behave nor what you are expected to do or answer at each step of the process. Wouldn't it be much easier if you are guided by a screen indicating you what to do.
Many logistic operations are working with a flex-workforce, adapting dynamically to peaks in the workload. This often results in many new operators who will be employed throughout the year.
And as with every new application, voice or non-voice, operators will need time to get familiar with the solution and require training to learn the voice application.
MCL's Next Generation Multi Modal Voice Solution offers voice on industry standard equipment coming with a displays and keypads reducing drastically the application learning time resulting in overall voice operator performance and efficiency improvements.

Screen Guidance

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution allows you to equip new voice oprators firstly with a voice terminal having a screen taking them quickly and easially through the application. At each step of the process they can have a quick look at the screen and understand instantly what they are expected to do.
Once your Voice Operators are more experinced they can be equiped with a voice terminal without a screen.
This will bring your voice operators quicker to a point where they can entirely work independantly from a their supervisor which translates into huge savings and improved productivity

No Voice Operator Training required

Start Picking immediately with any of your Warehouse Operators, Price-Checking with any of the Retail Shop-floor Clarks, Postal Sorting with any of your Postmens, or any other Voice application without the need of lengthy Voice-Operator training.

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution is a speaker independent voice system. For example, seasonal or transient workers can be put to work quickly to expand your organization's workforce during seasonal peaks -no lengthy voice system training is necessary before they can get started.
This translates into instant productivity gain for your organization and user-satisfaction improvement.

It is in the numbers -calculating the benefits-

MCL-Technologies is in close contact with integration partners and end-users that are using MCL's Next Generation Voice Solutions. Market feedback and actual KPIs received from those partners and end-users allowed us to present the calculation example below. In the example there are a few key-factors which are representative for typical warehouse voice-picking operations*:


Number of Employees: 200
Personnel rotation per year: 30%
MCL's Next Generation Voice key-factors:
Voice Training Time MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution: 0 min
Application Learning Time: 1.5 hours/90 minutes ('screen-devices' used for new operators)

Traditional Voice Solutions key-factors (Trained Systems):
Voice Template Training Time Traditional Voice Solution: 20 min (typically)
Application Learning Time: 3 hours/180minutes


Based on a 5-years implementation period there will be 500 employees who will be exposed a first time to the voice application. A traditional voice solution will require up to 100.000 training minutes including the voice template training of 10.000 minutes.(500x20min + 500x180min=100.000min)

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution will only require 45.000 minutes all included.
(500x0min + 500x90min=45.000min)

Choosing MCL's Next Generation Multi-Modal and Untrained Voice Solution is saving over 900 hours required to train your workforce!!

*Based on actual figures of ASWatsons Netherlands using MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution

Want to see how you can benefit from MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution and significantly save on Application Training time?



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