MCL-Mobility Platform with Voice System Management

Voice System Management

MCL-Mobility PLatform with Voice System Management provides an integrated Next Generation Voice Application, Voice Operator Management and Device Monitoring platform built on top of Amazon's Elastic Cloud Computing Platform for maximum scalability, flexibility and security.

The easy to control Mobility Platform with Voice System Management provides comprehensive management, visibility and control on you Multi-Modal Voice Devices, your Next Generation Voice Applications and your Voice Operators all from a central Web Based Portal.
Its embedded Device Deployment process makes it easy for anyone regardless of technical expertise, to deploy and manage Voice Devices in just little time.

It is Server-Agent-based and build with your Voice Operators in mind, both on the device and web-portal side. Out of the box provisioning of your Next Generation Voice Devices and Group Deployments are just a few examples of that.
You can now easialy manage your Voice Operator's mobile devices, regardless of the mobile platform or operating system they use (WM5-WM6/CE5-CE6-CE7), it also lets you create and manage your Voice Operator profiles centraly.

Voice System Management in the Cloud

Using MCL's central cloud console interface, site-administrators can perform various Next Generation Voice Solution device and application management tasks, such as easy 'out-of-the-box' installation and configuration of your voice devices, device asset inventory, and re-assignment of equipment following device repairs.

It also allows for easy management and maintenance of your voice oprator settings including text-to-speech speed, volume and language definitions. Once set, your voice operators will get their own preferences following their log-on to the voice system without the need to go through complicated menu structures or anything else.

Your entire Next Generation Voice System Management can be securely controlled, monitored and customized from anywhere in the world. MCL-Mobility Platform with Voice System Management is multi-tenanted, meaning each site or location of your enterprise has its own secured access and will have its own unique URL for easy and quick access. Account owners can manage access control at any level where site-managers can only login to their assigned part of the enterprise.

Platform hosting services handle all the maintenance, backups and upgrades involved with keeping servers and data security running, while you access the software over a standard broadband internet connection.

Better ROI - Reduced Costs - Pay as you Grow

In traditional on-site hosting implementations IT departments have to ensure (read:invest) there is always enough server-hardware capacity and corresponding software server licenses available to accommodate peak seasons. More often IT-teams are over-scaling the on-site server system to ensure this.

Cutting out on-site hosting setup will get your logistics operation to a higher efficiency faster. It also provides you with a more immediate ROI window. Without large up-front investments into infrastructure, the project pays for itself faster than a on-premise hosted solution ever could.

Scale as you go, and only pay for what you use, MCL-Mobility Platform with Voice System Management is made available to you by a monthly subscription fee and is based on the number of Next Generation Voice Users your implementation requires.

Reduce Upfront Investments

Studies are indicating the overall 3 to 5 years costs for keeping servers implemented are typically 5 or 6 times the initial purchase costs of the hardware only.
Staffing costs, on-going license upgrade costs, and Server hardware maintenance contract costs are just a few aspects making traditional on-premise server installations potentially a costly setup. Adding redundancy or fall-back schemes to your installation often even doubles these costs.

One of the key benefits of MCL's Next Generation Voice System Mobility Platform with Voice System Management, hosted in the cloud, is to replace up-front capital infrastructure expenses (CAPEX) by lower variable/operational costs that scale with your business (OPEX).
With MCL's Mobility Platform with Voice system Management companies implementing Next Generation Voice Solutions no longer need to plan and invest in costly servers and other IT infrastructure. Instead, they can almost instantly introduce a fully managed Next Generation Voice Solution in a matter of hours and deliver results faster.

Take advantage of Cloud Storage Space

Your FileBox, located in your MCL-Mobility Platform with Voice System Management account, allows for direct file-exchange by your Next Generation Voice Solution Devices.
It enables your Next Generation Voice Operators to securely store and foreward all the data you want to pass on to other systems in one central location and will take out completely the need for implementing in-house file servers to host your data.

With FileBox you only need to connect your company backbone to MCL-Mobility Platform with Voice System Management keeping your IT-Infrastructure costs at the absolute lowest levels.
Is your organization growing, simply add an additional subscription to your account and the avaialbe space has increased. No need to bring down any servers for mounting additional disk space, it is availabe instantly

MCL Mobility Platform is designed for Operators to work IT skills are required to take the benefits


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