MCL-Voice on Industry Equipment

Industry Equipment

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution is working on industry standardard equipment and doesn't lock your operations in on proprietary, high cost, and low-feature voice devices. Most of these first-generation devices are capable of performing only one task, which makes them less capable of taking the step into future requirements.
Organizations can now choose from a wide range of mobile devices fitting the exact needs of your projects. Your organization can potentially decide to re-use existing equipment and safe greatly on the overall voice project costs.
MCL-Technologies is working closely together with hardware manufacturers, including Honeywell and Motorola, to qualify their hardware offering in combination with MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution, providing our customers with the best matching Multi-Modal equipment.

Industry Standard Equipment - Devices

MCL-Technologies has qualified a series of mobile devices, offered by top-manufacturers including Motorola and Honeywell. Each of these manaufacturers are producing voice-dedicated hardware, like wearable terminals, as well as multi-modal equipment which can even be used for other applications next to your voice solution.

Very often accessoiries for such propriatary devices are quickly lifting up the total cost of ownership of your voice installation to an unwanted level, don't get yourself locked in into propriatary hardware of traditional voice providers.

Industry Standard Equipment - Headsets

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution is designed to work in harsh, noisy environments such as warehouses, distribution centers, dockyards, transportation hubs, cold stores and assembly/manufacturing plants.
The headset used within your voice solution must be able to provide your voice operators a comfortable, robust and excellent voice recognition performance. And since worker productivity, efficiency, and data integrity are all dependent upon the voice recognition performance MCL Technologies has certified headsets that are designed explicitly for mobile worker, Next Generation Voice application deployments.

Future Proofing Investemets

Usually voice solutions are not just implemented for a few months only, though often you are basing your selection for voice software functionality and voice equipment on today's requirements for your operations. Today an entirely voice-only solution might perfectly fit your needs. However, over the lifetime of your voice solution implementation your operations might have to adapt to new requirements requested by (new) customers or sometimes even imposed by law.
Your Next Generation Voice Solution will fit naturally with each of the new requirements offering a much better ROI on the entire implementation, your operations are not stopped from adapting.

By adding MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution to your Multi Modal devices you are future proofing your investments.

See complete overview of supported devices and headset:

Supported Devices

Supported Headsets


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