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MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution offers Multi Modal capabilities allowing your voice operators to use additional input methodes next to voice easing the user application dialogue. Voice Application Dialogues overcome the form factor problems of visual interfaces, e.g. you have to see the display when working, but are not really practical for communicating graphical information, long lists, or complex (loading)instructions.
Such kind of tasks and instructions, common to many applications, are better suited for visual interfaces.
This is where multimodal applications can provide great advantages. Multimodality seamlessly combines graphics, text and audio output with speech input, text, and touch input to deliver a dramatically enhanced end-user experiences.
Is your voice application primarily voice driven, no worries, you can add multi-modal functionalities at a later stage into your application should it be required.
Your Next Generation Voice Solution doesn't stop where others do.

Mix and Match Input Methods

The benefits of a voice system are often expressed in efficiency improvements and reduction in picking errors. However, in many operations you can not limit operator inputs to voice input only nor can you limit the instructions given to your operators being only spoken instructions. Scanning a lot number in barcode format or presenting graphically loading instructions on a display are just a few examples on how applications can be enhanced by mix and matching the right input options with the right user interface options.

Mix and Match several input methods accross your applications.

Mix and Match Applications

Each logistics operation will have multiple tasks to perform and Order-Picking is only one of those tasks. An additional benefit of MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution is the possibility to mix and match several applications onto the same mobile device. In the morning your devices can be used for its primary task, voice order-picking, while in the afternoon a selection of your devices can be assigned to another task such as incoming goods registration or truck-loading registration, not neccesarilly done using voice as their primary input method.
By mixing and matching your Next Generation Voice Solution feature set you can re-use your equipment at several processes of your organization providing you the best ROI not only on the software.

New Voice Operators learning faster

Imagine you are talking to a 'black' (read:blue) box and you have no idea how the voice system will behave nor what you are expected to do or answer at each step of the process.

Wouldn't it be much easier if your new voice operators are guided by a screen indicating them what to do?

MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution allows you to equip new voice oprators firstly with a voice terminal equipped with a screen taking them quickly and easially through the voice application.
At each step of the process they can have a quick look at the screen and understand instantly what is expected of them. Once the voice operator is more experinced they can be equiped with a voice terminal without a screen. In addition to this, the voice dialogue can be set to -experienced- giving them the shortest possible voice commands speeding up the voice process to the maximum.

By offering MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution on screen equiped voice devices to your new voice operators you will be able to bring them quicker to a point where they can entirely work independantly from their supervisor which translates into huge savings and improved productivity.

Future Proof

Voice Solutions are not just implemented for a few months only, though often you are selecting your voice software functionality and voice equipment on your today's requirements. Today an entirely voice-only solution might perfectly fit your needs. However, over the lifetime of your voice solution implementation your operations might have to adapt to new requirements requested by (new) customers or sometimes even imposed by law.
Your Next Generation Voice Solution will fit naturally with each of the new requirements offering a much better ROI on the entire implementation, your operations are not stopped from adapting.

By adding Multi Modal functionality on Multi Modal capable devices you are future proofing your investments.

Multi Modal Benefits

  Connected or Hybrid mode

Connected or Hybrid mode

MCL's Next Generation Voice System runs on a series of industry standard equipment offering all large amount of local storage capacity. Your Next Generation Voice Solution is capable of storing all data locally when your operators are out of coverage, e.g. when they are into a temporarilly warehouse, and synchronizing all data again when back in wifi coverage, your voice operators are not stopped in their picking process. It offers extreme flexibility in future situations

   Visibly represented System Status

Visibly represented System Status

MCL's Next Generation Voice System indicates device system status icons on the display. Your voice operators can instantly see if the battery of the mobile device is becoming empty and decide to pre-amptively swap it prior to their new picking assignments avoiding a need for a battery swap in the middle of an assigment, resulting in improved user satisfaction and improved efficiency


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