MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution has been successfully deployed on thousands of Windows-based devices throughout Europe and America. Besides the Next Generation Voice Solution feature feature-set, including multi-modal operations and untrained voice capabilities, MCL is continuously monitoring market developments to keep MCL-Voice up to date and in sync with the market developments.
MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution is fully certified on Zebra's MC40 and WT6000 Enterprise Android mobile computer and will support all Zebra Android-based voice-capable mobile computers. It offers truly Multi Modal capabilities allowing your voice operators to use additional input methods next to voice easing the user application dialogue.

Mix and Match Input Methods

The benefits of a voice system are often expressed in efficiency improvements and reduction in picking errors. However, in many operations you can not limit operator inputs to voice input only nor can you limit the instructions given to your operators being only spoken instructions. Scanning a lot number in barcode format or presenting graphically loading instructions on a display are just a few examples on how applications can be enhanced by mix and matching the right input options with the right user interface options.

Mix and Match several input methods across your applications.

Best-in-class Mobile Computers to run MCL-Voice on

Deploy Next Generation Voice Solutions on a device with the form factor that best suits your operations. Select from a series of Multi Modal Devices or Voice Dedicated or eventually mix & match them. Use the best-in-class accessories best fitting your operations including Bluetooth headsets and cordless barcode scanners.
Benefit from the best-in-class devices brought to market by several leading manufacturers.

Touch-to-Pair delivers user friendly bluetooth pairing

Easily pair your Bluetooth headset with your multi-modal next generation voice computer by bringing and touching the headset to the mobile computer. It will only take a few seconds to establish a connection between two devices.
This user friendly process to pair bluetooth accessories allows voice operators to quickly get started and simply replace their Bluetooth headset in case they would run out of battery.

Renewed Voice Engine, Extending the Power even further

With the completely new developed Next Generation MCL-Voice Engine V4 we are offering a more powerful, user friendly and multi modal capable voice solution to market while maintaining the key elements essential to MCL-Voice V3 including Speaker Independent voice recognition and flexible voice options allowing each voice operator to define preferences for speed, volume and male or female voices.

Auto Adaptation enhancing even more

Your Next Generation MCL-Voice Solution running on the Android mobile devices will continuously listen to the operator's voice and analyze its characteristics. Based on the analysis MCL-Voice will automatically further improve the speech recognition during the voice operations.
You don't even need to worry when your voice operator comes to work with a cold, resulting in a slightly changed voice. The system will automatically adapt to this, all on the fly without the need of any manual involvement of your operator.

Rich User Interface

Well designed rich user interfaces reduce the need to rely on training. The more intuitive an application is, the less time they the voice operators have to spend in training before they can effectively use the application on their own.
The screen interface can help greatly in achieving the quickest implementation times and the shortest learning times spent by the voice operators.
The Next Generation Voice system can be designed such that only new voice operators are presented with a rich Screen User Interface while experienced voice operators can go through the voice dialogue smoothly without the need to often see the screen.

MCL-Voice V4 Benefits

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  On-line / Off-Line or Hybrid mode

On-line / Off-line or Hybrid mode

MCL's Next Generation Voice System runs on a series of industry standard equipment offering all large amount of local storage capacity. Your Next Generation Voice Solution is capable of storing all data locally when your operators are out of coverage, e.g. when they are into a temporarily warehouse, and synchronizing all data again when back in wifi coverage, your voice operators are not stopped in their picking process. It offers extreme flexibility in future situations

  Flexible Voice Options for Every Voice Worker

Flexible Voice Options

MCL's Next Generation Voice System allows users to choose from male or female voices and to control their own preferences regarding voice speed and volume

   Visibly represented System Status

Visibly represented System Status

MCL's Next Generation Voice System indicates device system status icons on the display. Your voice operators can instantly see if the battery of the mobile device is becoming empty and decide to preemptively swap it prior to their new picking assignments avoiding a need for a battery swap in the middle of an assigment, resulting in improved user satisfaction and improved efficiency


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